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ASAP Deliverables and Milestones
Project Preparation
Activities Deliverables
  • Establish project goals and objectives
  • Confirm project scope and finalize the project plan
  • Refine implementation and roll-out strategy
  • Identify and deploy project resources
  • Define information repository strategy
  • Organizational risk and readiness assessment
  • Create overall change management strategy and plan
  • Develop communication approach
  • Create project team training plan and schedule core team training
  • Define project procedures
  • Define system landscape
  • Conduct project kick-off meeting
  • Project charter
  • Final project team organization structure
  • Detailed project plan(s)
  • High level benefits calculations
  • Achievement criteria for project
  • Project standards and procedures handbook
  • Budget and resource plan
  • Stakeholder analysis and organizational risk assessment
  • Implementation and roll-out strategy
  • List of preliminary benefit opportunities
  • System landscape strategy
  • Workshop schedule and attendee list
  • Steering committee updates
  • Phase end completion report
Key Milestones
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Initial Steering Committee Meeting
  • Development System Availability
  • Project Kickoff Meeting
  • High Level Business Requirements
Activities Deliverables
  • Conduct business process design workshops
  • Develop portals strategy
  • Develop business intelligence and reporting strategy
  • Develop a training plan for end users
  • Prepare a communication plan
  • Define organizational structure
  • Establish development system
  • Create technical design including interface and conversion strategy
  • Document to-be business processes
  • Develop gap analysis
  • Refine work plan, resource plan and cost estimates
  • Quantify high level financial impact
  • Refine business goals
  • Preliminary baseline scope
  • Business blueprint report containing to-be business processes, gap analysis
  • Business Process Master List (BPML)
  • Technical design
  • Development environment
  • Organizational structure chart
  • Leadership strategy with action plan
  • Change and communication plan
  • Security profiles
  • Interface requirements to legacy systems
  • Reporting requirements
  • Data conversion requirements
  • Refined project plan
  • Refined resource plan
  • Refined cost estimates
  • Refined business case
  • Phase end completion report
Key Milestones
  • Business Scenarios Defined
  • Approved Enterprise Business Blueprint, including rollout strategy
  • Commencement of system configuration
Activities Deliverables
  • Baseline configuration and confirmation
  • Final configuration and confirmation
  • Conduct Unit testing
  • Develop System Test Plans
  • Establish Quality Assurance Environment
  • Conduct final integration test
  • Design and construct reports, interfaces, conversions, enhancements and forms
  • Scrub legacy data in preparation for data conversion
  • Establish User Role and Authorization Concept
  • Identify training requirements and prepare end user
  • Prepare cut-over strategy
  • Develop End User Documentation and Training Materials
  • Conduct Train the Trainer course
  • Determine post go-live support needs; and
  • Continue communication with stakeholders
  • Perform training needs assessment and develop delivery plan.
  • Integration Test Execution
  • Configured SAP Quality Assurance System
  • Completed and Tested Reports, Interfaces, Conversion Programs, Enhancements and Forms (RICE)
  • Documented Business Function (BPP's) and Configuration Scripts
  • Security Profile Matrix
  • Final Integration Test Plan
  • Completed Unit and Integration Test Scripts
  • System Transition/Cutover Plan
  • Final Training Plan
  • Finalized end user training materials
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Performance Test (Plan and execution)
  • Establish Production environment
Key Milestones
  • Base line configuration
  • Final configuration
  • Solution Built
  • Tested and Accepted SAP System
Final Preparation
Activities Deliverables
  • Deliver end user training
  • Finalize cutover plan
  • Establish the production environment
  • Establish helpdesk
  • Establish user support infrastructure and procedures
  • Provide post-go live support recommendations
  • Perform a go-live simulation
  • Conduct user acceptance test (UAT)
  • Determine go / no-go decision
  • Perform cutover to production
  • Convert, reconcile and load required data
  • Quality check final preparation Phase
  • Refined cut-over plan (as needed)
  • End user training sessions
  • "Readied" SAP production system, SAP BW production system and Portal
  • Refresher training classes for end users
  • Communicate go-live
  • Production support plan
  • Help Desk Procedures document
  • Production data loaded
  • UAT sign-off
Key Milestones
  • UAT sign-off
  • Signoff on conversion and cutover tasks
  • Go live checkpoint
  • Start of Production
Go-Live and Support
Activities Deliverables
  • Conduct post-production support
  • Confirm benefits realization
  • Update knowledge base with lessons learned
  • Complete hand-over of system
  • Review and enhance change control procedures
  • Quality review
  • Configured and populated production environment
  • Plan for Post Implementation Activity
  • Validation of functional enhancements checklist
  • Maintenance and enhancement request log (for change requests)
  • Project close out and final report
  • Lessons learned document
Key Milestones
  • Production system
  • Handover Completion