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ASAP Roadmap
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5
ASAP Roadmap
  • Project Preparation - Project formally initiated and planning well under way.
  • Business Blueprint - Project team gathers requirements and conducts conceptual design of the solution. Result is a business blueprint.
  • Realization - System solution built based on the blueprint and integration testing is complete.
  • Final Preparation - Authorization to cut over to new system solution, end users trained.
  • Go Live and Support - Solution confirmation and project closure. Move from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to live production operation.
ASAP and Work Streams
Work Stream
  • Strategy
  • Program and Project
  • Business Process
  • Application
  • Testing
  • Infrastructure
  • Support Services
ASAP Project Plan
Project Preparation
  1.1 DG: General Project Management (Project Preparation Phase)
  1.1.1 Phase Startup 0: Phase Resources Allocation 0: Detailed Phase Schedule 0: Handoff Checklist from Pre-project activities
  1.1.2 Project Initiated 0: Project Charted 0: Business Case 0: Schedule for Project Planning
  1.1.3 Project Plan Started 0: Project Plan 0: Management Plans 0: Project Schedule 0: Project Budget 0: Business Case
  1.1.4 Project Plan Started 0: Lessons Learned Log 0: Internal Management Phase Report 0: SAP Review Service Report 0: Phase Sign Off Document
  1.2 DG: Project Strategic Framework
  1.2.1 Project Strategic Framework 0: Project Vision and Strategy 0: Confirmed Integration Vision and Strategy 0: High Level Business Requirements Definition 0: Business Drivers 0: Integration Evaluation 0: High Level Business Process Definition 0: Technology Strategy