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SAP  Business Planning and Consolidations NW 10.0 Real-Time Implementation Learning RoadMap
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SAP BPC NW 10.0 Implementation Learning Curriculum   CloneSkills, Inc.

A Practical Approach to SAP HANA, SAP BPC, SAP BOBJ, SAP BW and SAP MDM Learning   CloneSkills , Inc.
2377 Gold Meadow Way, Ste.100
Gold River, CA, 95670, USA
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SAP BPC NW 10.0 "End-To-End" Consolidation Solutions   CloneSkills, Inc.

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Drivers
  • SAP BPC NW 10.0 Consolidation Key Out of The Box Functions
  • SAP BPC NW 10.0 Solutions Building Blocks
  • SAP BPC NW 10.0 Solutions Architecture
  • SAP BPC NW 10.0 Solutions Implementation Steps
  • Perform Consolidation
  • Appendix

Executive Summary

The purpose of this DEMO is to show how the latest features of SAP's BPC 10.0 NW can be used to speed up the consolidation/close process of a Holding company with subsidiaries.

While the latest features include using Consolidation Monitor, Controls Monitor & Ownership Manager, the close process includes Currency Translation, IC Matching, IC Booking, IC Elimination and Elimination using Equity, Proportionate and Full methods.

Business Drivers

CloneSkills Holding company has legal subsidiaries in Unites States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, India & Singapore, and not all of them are wholly owned. Apart from that, IC transactions occur among the Holding & Subsidiaries.

And, the Company does many acquisitions and divestitures during the year that has lead to lengthy manual close process to eliminate ownership and intercompany transactions.

To speed up the close process, the company has decided to automate process using SAP's latest EPM tool - BPC 10.0 NW.

SAP BPC NW 10.0 Consolidation Key Out of The Box Functions

The solution helps the Enterprises to perform the time consuming close process FASTER. It uses BPF feature which provides the user with a web based launch pad, guided navigation, email and visibility of process status.

The solution uses BPC 10.0's Consolidation Central which lets the user to execute tasks as well as to monitor the status - all at one place.

The solution performs the following as part of the close process :

  • Validation of GL data
  • Matching & Booking of IC Transactions Differences
  • Group Currency Conversion
  • Validation of GL data
  • Elimination of IC Transactions
  • Calculation & Booking of Minority Interest
  • Calculation & Booking of Goodwill
  • Elimination of Equity (Full, Proportionate & Equity Method)

SAP BPC NW 10.0 Solutions Building Blocks

SAP BPC NW 10.0 Solutions Implementation Steps

Perform Consolidation - Data Collection

Perform Consolidation - Data Preparation

Perform Consolidation - IC Matching & Booking

Perform Consolidation - Consolidation

Perform Consolidation - Reporting

SAP HANA SAP BPC NW 10.0 Implementation Learning Curriculum
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  CloneSkills , Inc.
2377 Gold Meadow Way, Ste.100
Gold River, CA, 95670, USA
Phone: 916. 631.1980, : 800.836.5696
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Course Start Date

Date : 08/25/2012
Time : 7:30 AM PST
Web :
Email :
Phone : 916-572-5532
Name : Hari Gurugubelli

A Practical Approach to SAP HANA, SAP BPC, SAP BOBJ, SAP BW and SAP MDM Learning   CloneSkills , Inc.
2377 Gold Meadow Way, Ste.100
Gold River, CA, 95670, USA
Phone: 916. 631.1980, : 800.836.5696

Best SAP-BPC Training, Jothi as a Trainer


"I took SAP-BPC training in SAP-America Training Center, both CPM 310 and 320, it cost me USD 12,000.00. Trainers were in experienced, never worked on a BPC-Project and had no real-time experience in BPC and never taught Consolidation. I joined Jothi's BPC-training program and I am learned, what exactly I need to learn to get a job which really pays well, a lot more than I make now.

I recommend anyone with suitable background to join Jothi's Training program. Any question, contact me @"

Kris Marksteiner
SAP Certified System Integrator & DFPS Consultant


SAP BPC NW 7.5 and MS 7.5
Implementation (Not BPC Product) Learning
SAP R/3, NetWeaver
ESA, & SOA Overview
  SAP BPC Product
  Live Projects - Implementation with ASAP Business Performance Management with Drivers Consolidation on Intercompany Transactions
BPC Architecture and
Data Modeling
  BPC Application
  Loading and Validating
Data with Data Manager
BPC Application and
  Working with BPC for
Excel, Web and Others
  BPC Logic and Calculations
Reporting and
  Currency Translation
and Inter-Company
  BPC Journal, Allocation, and
    BPC Security, Work Status,
Auditing, Business Process Flow
and Server Manager
  SAP BW Data Model, Extractions
(all type of Extractors), Admin
(Process Chain, Transports and Authorizations)
    Real-Time BPC Implementation
("Revenue & Expense Planning", "MC & LC Consolidation", and "Allocation")
Compare us with others to understand why we are different
  • We don't teach SAP products, we share our real-time SAP implementation expertise to gain practical skills and knowledge to implement SAP solutions.
  • We are Different, not a Traditional Training Provider or Product Trainers. You can compare our training content and delivery with anyone in the World to see the Difference
  • Our faculties are not Technical Developers; we are Industry Experts/Management consultants who are highly capable of solving business problems by connecting Business, Process, and People via Technology.
Session Schedule
Session # Session Topics Session Details
Following Topics Will Be Covered Based on Live Projects (See below for Live Projects)
  • SAP NetWeaver and BI, EPM & BPM Essentials
  • SAP BPC an Integrated View
  • SAP NetWeaver
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Performance Management (BPM)
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  • BPC Product Overview
  • BPC Technology Overview
  • BPC Solutions Overview
  • BPC Architecture
  • BW Architecture
  • Live Projects
  • SAP BPC and BW Architecture and Data Modeling
  • SAP BPC "End-to-End" Solutions Overview
  • SAP BPC Solutions Building Blocks
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Consolidation
  • BPC Terminology /Building Blocks
  • BW Terminology /Building Blocks
  • Workinjg with BPC Admin
  • Working BPC for Excel
  • Working with for Web
  • Working with for Word
  • Working with Power Point
  • Conceptual , Logical and Physical Data Model
  • Relational and MDM Data Mode
Quiz #1: Multiple Choice Questions
  • BPC Application Configuration - Part 1
  • Add/Mod/Del Application
  • Add/Mod/Del Dimensions
  • Add/Mod/Del Properties
  • Add/Mod/Del Members
  • Add/Mod/Del Parameters
  • Add/Mod/Del BW Objects
Quiz #2: Multiple Choice Questions and BPC LAB
  • BPC Application Configuration - Part 2
  • Add/Mod/Del Data Manager Objects
  • Add/Mod/Del SAP BW ETL Objects
  • Add/Mod/Del Data
  • Add/Mod/Del Transformation
  • Add/Mod/Del Conversion
  • Add/Mod/Del Packages
  • BPC Application Configuration - Part 3
  • Add/Mod/Del Schedule
  • Add/Mod/Del Reports
  • Add/Mod/Del Journals
  • Add/Mod/Del Comments
  • Add/Mod/Del Business Rules
  • Add/Mod/Del Logic
  • Currency Conversion
  • Script Logic
Quiz #3: Multiple Choice Questions and BPC LAB
  • BPC Application Configuration - Part 4
  • Working with BPC for Web
  • Content Library
  • Live Reporting
  • Security Setup
  • Allocations
  • Work Status
  • Business Process Flow
  • Script Logic
Quiz #4: Multiple Choice Questions and BPC LAB
  • Consolidation - Part 1
  • Data Collection
  • SAP BW Data Extraction
  • By File
  • By Business Content
  • By Custom Extraction
  • Pre Consolidation
  • Journal Entries
  • Inter Company Matching
  • Inter Company Booking
  • Verification
  • Consolidation - Part 2
  • Ownership
  • IC Eliminations
  • Equity Calculations
  • Minority Interest Calculations
  • Cash Flow Calculations
  • Validations
Quiz #5: Multiple Choice Questions and BPC LAB
  • Real-time Implementation - Review
  • Planning
  • Rate
  • Revenue
  • Expense
  • Integrated Financial Planning (IFP)
  • Consolidations
  • Legal Consolidation
  • Managerial Consolidation
  • IC - Elimination
  • IC Matching
  • IC-Booking
  • Ownership
  • Minority Interest
  • Cash Flow
  • Process Chain
  • Transports
  • Server Manager Utility
Quiz #6: Multiple Choice Questions and BPC LAB
  • SAP BW Business Content Extraction
  • SAP EPM 10.0 Overview
  • SAP HANA Overview
  • SAP BI 4.0 Overview
  • SAP BW Generic Business Content Extraction
  • SAP COPA Extraction
  • SAP LO Extraction
  • SAP EPM 10.0 Overview
  • SAP EPM 10.0 Architecture
  • SAP EPM 10.0 Delta Functions
  • SAP HANA Overview
  • SAP HANA Business Drivers
  • SAP HANA Future Release and Roadmap
  • SAP HANA Architecture
  • SAP HANA Key Functions
  • SAP BI 4.0 Overview
  • SAP BI 4.0 Architecture
  • SAP BI 4.0 Future Release and Roadmap
  • SAP BI 4.0 Fuctions
Project #1 - Business Performance Management with Drivers
Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
Case Study Overview

In "Client X" implementation of BPC focuses on Revenue and Expense planning and Consolidation processes. and also Monthly Outlook

In BPC, an Appset contains one or more apps that share a common set of dimensions. Appset also share a common user group though users may or may not share the same functional and data access rights within the Appset. Rest in Training
Project #1 - Business Performance Management with Drivers
Business Performance Management (BPM) with Drivers - Technology Solutions
Project #1 - Business Performance Management with Drivers
Business Performance Management (BPM) with Drivers - End-To-End Solutions
Project # 2 - CONSOLIDATION on Intercompany Transactions
Matching, Booking, Eliminations, Journals, Adjustments and Validations
Legal Consolidation High Level Steps
  • Open Period
  • Load Subsidiary Actual
  • Load Unrealized Profit
  • Run Inter Company Elimination
  • Corporate Adjustment
  • Close Period
  • Send LC Data to MC
Managerial Consolidation High Level Steps
  • Open Period
  • Load Grass Profit Actual
  • Run Business Unit Elimination
  • Copy Actual to Actual Allocated
  • Run Allocation
  • Verify Allocation
  • Generate Comparative Income Statement
  • Send MC Data to Further Analysis
  • Lock Period
SAP BPC Data Flow - "Case Study"
Contact Details
Jothi Periasamy
Phone: (916)-296-0228
"Jothi, I am very happy to share with you that I have joined SAP America. I want to thank you for giving me all the support I needed. I really appreciate your commitment and guidance that you have given me which really helped to achieve my goal to step into BPC Implementations.

Believe me, I was approached by IBM, E&Y, Accenture, AIG, Cognizant, Deloitte, Federal GOVT projects and many other companies but I picked only SAP as I am offered very good role. I see that there are so many opportunities in BI/BPC and clients are looking for good product knowledge people with some functional knowledge (there is no need to be super stars). I am sure that all the students who have undergone training at CloneSkills will get opportunity in BI/BPC if they can put some hard work in practicing the product (as you said there is no alternative or shortcut for hard work).

Last but not least, Thank You for your patience for taking my calls even at busy hours and also for sharing all the knowledge you have- You have really cloned your skills to me. "

SAP America
SAP EPM Lead Consultant
Pals Nagaraj, PMP
SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Certified Professional
TOGAF 8 Certified
Ramchandran Manoj
SAP Certified Application Associate
- SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI 3.x
- SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Report XI 3.x
Jothi Periasamy
SAP HANA/EPM/BI/EIM Solutions Architect
SAP Domain Champion for SAP BPC/BOBJ/BW/HANA
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How We Differentiate Our Training

Our SAP Training Participants were able to obtain employment with following corporation's right after our four (4) month hands on training.

Verifiable SAP References:

  • IBM
  • KPMG
  • EDS
  • HP
  • 6AVE
  • TXU
  • BP

Note: Optimal time for a stable Carrier Change is about 4-6 months with real hard work.