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SAP Career Path
Course Category Course Sub Category Course Code Course Title Course Details Enroll
SAPHANAHANA10SAP HANA and “Big Data” Implementation, Readiness and Assessment Course Details Enroll
SAPHANABOBOBI40SAP BOBI 4.0 Financial Predictive Analytics Design and ImplementationCourse Details Enroll
SAPHANABPCBPCNW10SAP BPC NW 10.0 Planning , Budgeting , Forecasting ,Consolidation and ReportingCourse Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsXBRL-FRSXBRL and IFRSCourse Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsFSCMFSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management)Course Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsSAP-BOBJ-0BOBJ Client ToolsCourse Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsSAP-BOBJBOBJ Enterprise (Server Side)Course Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsSAP-BS-7Governance Risk and ComplianceCourse Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsSAP-BS-0FICO and BPC IntegrationCourse Details Enroll
SAPNetWeaverSAP-NW-BPC10.0Business Planning and Consolidations NW 10.0Course Details Enroll
SAPTechnicalSAP-TH-1ABAP ProgrammingCourse Details Enroll
SAPTechnicalSAP-TH-2Security and GRCCourse Details Enroll
SAPTechnicalSAP-TH-3Basis AdminCourse Details Enroll
SAPNetWeaverSAP-NW-3Process IntegratorCourse Details Enroll
SAPNetWeaverSAP-NW-2Enterprise PortalCourse Details Enroll
SAPNetWeaverSAP-NW-1Business IntelligenceCourse Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsSAP-BS-6Human ResourcesCourse Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsSAP-BS-5Materials ManagementCourse Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsSAP-BS-4Production PlanningCourse Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsSAP-BS-3Sales and DistributionCourse Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsSAP-BS-2Financial AccountingCourse Details Enroll
SAPBusiness SolutionsSAP-BS-1Business Planning and Consolidation NW 7.5Course Details Enroll