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How We Are Different?

We are different than traditional training firms, since our training solutions are developed based on an industry-wide recognized certification, and we offer hands on certification preparation training. We do not just provide training, since we work in teams that are accountable for tangible results. Learning is an intense and on-going process that requires support long after the course is done. We provide a free service to all of our clients which allow them to get answers to questions post course. We call this e Mentoring. Have a question? Email for after-class support and let our talented group of instructors point you in the right direction.

What We Do and Don’t?
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BI E-Learning Path
Course Category Course Sub Category Course Code Course Title e-Learning Demo Course Details Enroll
BIGeneral BIBO-BI-IntBO and SAP BI IntegrationView DemoCourse Details Enroll
BIGeneral BIGEN-BI-1SAP General Business inteligenceView DemoCourse Details Enroll
BISAP BISAP-BI-1SAP Business inteligenceView DemoCourse Details Enroll