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Data Extraction in BPC-BI
Applies to:

Document is applicable to all the BPC 7.5 NW version users and the users BI 7.0 integration with.


This document provides an overview of data integration between BPC NW with BI 7.5 SAP Net weaver 7.0 BI is used as the backend server to hold BPC data. Since BPC tool is used for planning and reporting purposes, master and transactional data is stored in SAP NW BI objects and tables needs to be pushed to BPC for the reporting of planned and historical data and similarly planned data in BPC can be retracted as necessary.


SAP BPC is web based collaborative solution that unifies the business planning and performance management process. It is a tool to accomplish the activities of Performance Management – Planning, Financial Consolidation, and Reporting.

BPC 7.5 is closely integrated with BI. Whenever an object is created in BPC, correspondingly a BI object is created at the back end BI. This close integration enables data movement from BI to BPC and vise versa. For example, for every new dimension created in BPC, a BW characteristic info object is generated in the BPC namespace.

Data Extraction

SAP Netweaver 7.0 BI is used as the backend server to hold BPC data. The master and transactional data is stored in SAP NW BI objects and tables. This makes the BW data extraction and retraction feasible. BPC engine can access data only from the system generated cubes in BPC namespace. Actual data is needed for reporting and planning purposes which resides in BI Cubes. Hence there is a need to extract BI transaction data into BPC cubes for combined reporting of actual and planned data.

Methods of Data Extraction

Even though BPC also stores the data in SAP BI cubes, it is not recommended that we access the data stored in the cubes in /CPMB namespace using the Business explorer. Similarly, BPC engine can access data only from the system generated cubes in /CPMB namespace. Hence a combined reporting of actual and plan data can be achieved by extraction of BI transaction data into the BPC cubes. The figure below depicts the same. We can have two different methods of loading data from BI to BPC. They are,

  • Using BW- ETL process
  • Using data manager functionality
Using BW- ETL process

Transaction Data from Net weaver BI info cube or Data Store Object (Non-BPC info providers) to an info cube generated in the BPC namespace, we can use ETL method to load the data by making the necessary transformations and master data look ups.

In Data Warehousing Workbench (Transaction code RSA1) define Data transfer process for BPC infocube using context menu of info provider tree.

This Exercise illustrates the GL Actual data Extraction from ECC to Bi and then to BPC

GO to RSA5 and then find 0FI_GL_10 datasource and hit activate datasources.
Goto RSA6 to fond the activated datasource.
Check the extractor to see the record count by RSA3
Please find the record count below

Pleas log in to BI system and activate all the relevant objects like datasource, DSo, Infocube, Create infopackage and DTP etc.


DTP Creation:
Please see the below flow once all the objects are been activated .
Please see the load from ECC to BI successful.
Once data loaded to PSA the transferred to DSO and then activate the request and run the DTP to load to load from DSO to the Infocube.
Please see the load successful to the infocube .
Loginto BPC Admin client and try creating a new application called Expense Application with copy of standard Planning Application
Please find the below Dimensions added to the application
Log on to BPC for Excel for EXPPLANNING Application
Create a new transformation file for mapping the fileds of both ZEXP_BIIC infocube and the EXP Planning Application.
Create an Conversion file for transforming the BI time format fo 0fiscper(Example: 001/2010 ) to BPC format 2010.OCT Etc...
Now to load the data from BI Infocube to BPC Application through process Chain. Please include the option Data load from Info provider and assign the data provider ( BI Infocube ZEXP_BIIC.
Please see below load status of load from BI to BPC.
Login to BI go to RSA1 to find the EXP Planning System created cube /CPM/..... Context menu and then Manage to find the request present in infocube.
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