What We Do and Don’t?
  • We do not teach SAP, Oracle or Business Objects. We help our customers learn how to implement ERP Business Solutions to solve real-world business problems. We share our practical expertise, skills and knowledge with our customers.
  • We do not use SAP, Oracle or Business Objects training materials. We coach and mentor our customers through real-world business scenarios to gain role-based competency in ERP Business Solutions.
  • Learning a new skill(s) and changing/finding a new career is never easy but at the same time it is not “Rocket Science.”
  • We are only interested in working with people who are serious and are willing to work hard. If not, please do not contact us.
# What we offer? What we won’t offer?
1 Retraining on a case by case basis Free training under any circumstances
2 Extended lab support Illegal System Access
3 Real-time projects and Scenarios Accommodation
4 Employment opportunity only for qualified candidates Job Guarantee
5 H1B Transfer only for qualified candidates Fabrication of Resume(s)
6 H1B Sponsorship only for qualified candidates  
7 Green card sponsorship after one year of employment with us  
8 Placement Assistance  
9 Placement Contacts  
10 Professional References  
11 Resume Writing  
12 On job support