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SAP NetWeaver BPC 7.0 Competency Development Program – Certification Quiz
We differentiate our training from others by delivering role based SAP Instruction rather than SAP Product focused Training.
SAP BPC NW 7.0 Competency Development Program
Quiz Type - Open Book
Total Number of Questions - 50
Questions Expected to Answer - 50
Duration - 60 Min
True Or False
a. Planning InfoCubes are write optimized but Standard InfoCubes are read optimized.
b. Consolidation InfoCubes are write optimized because the request id stays open until a threshold is reached for example.
c. Request id's in real time cubes can be closed by switching the cube to the Standard type.
d. A Real Time InfoCube has two 'data' modes, but only one will ever be used by Business Planning and Consolidation.
e. As data comes in to the Planning InfoCube, it arrives in the 'F' table and remains there until it is compressed into the 'E' table.
f. SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation can also be set up against Data Store Objects.
Choose the Correct Answer(s)
a. There are two main types of InfoObjects: Catalogs and InfoAreas.
b. BW Characteristics have three potential types of master data.
c. A BW Dimension table is exactly the same as an Business Planning and Consolidation Dimension.
d. InfoCubes are made up of Fact and Dimension tables.
Choose the Correct Answer(s)
a. An SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation dimension is like a BW Characteristic
b. An SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation property is like an Attribute in BW.
c. The SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 'signed data' column is like a key figure in an InfoCube.
d. An AppSet is like a BW InfoArea.
e. An SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation team folder is equivalent to a BW Role.
f. An SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation InfoCube is just like an Application in BW.
Fill in the Blank: BPC Application Development can be carried out from the BPC _____________, ______________. The system automatically populates BW with the related object
BPC equivalent of BI Objects: Fill in the Blank
a. Characteristics , ___________________________
b. InfoCubes , ___________________________
c. MultiProvider , ___________________________
d. Process Chain, __________________________
e. Transports, ______________________________
What are the entire required dimension “Non Reporting–Generic” Application?
What is the reference Application for “Reporting–Generic” application?
What is common between “Non Reporting– Generic” and “Reporting– Generic” Application?
We can not _______________ to “Non Reporting” application?
Which of the following application options are common between Finance and Consolidation Application?
a. Currency Conversion
b. Calculation
c. Intercompany Booking
d. Intercompany Elimination
e. Validations
f. US Elimination
g. Opening Balance
True Or False: Is it possible to create an Application without a Reference Application?
True Or False: Is it possible to create a Dimension without a Reference Dimension?
________________ allow the automated processing of data to render a consolidated set of financial statements.
When you create new applications, we need to select at least one ____________ dimension. Then the ________________ need to allow access to the desired member
Measure dimension used to determine application as a ________________ OR _________________
Most secure system store balances on a ________________ basis whether the data is entered/stored in daily, weekly , monthly , fiscal period
_____________ namespace is a reserved namespace in SAP NetWeaver BI for BPC
BPC Dimensions are created under an Application Set with BI Technical names of InfoObjects are generated with naming convention /CPM/XXYYYYY, Where “XX” _____________ , and “YYYYY” is a ____________________ string
Default Application set for BPC Excel, Admin , Word , PPT can be set through ______________________
True Or False
a. Only user with System Admin rights can create a new application , Dimension ,business rules table , work status
b. Only user with Admin rights can create a new application , Dimension ,business rules table , work status
c. Only user with Primary Admin rights can create a new application , Dimension ,business rules table , work status
How to create an application set without using an existing application set?
___________,______________,_________________,______________ are copied from the source application set to the target application set based on the user choice
______________________ allows us to monitor the scheduled application set copy process
True Or False
a. Does not copy the Master Data and Transaction Data
b. Creates all the new Dimension with different technical name
c. Copies WebFolder
d. Any error in copy function will rollback all the data that has been copied and files that has been created
______________________, _____________________ are application status , _____________ can be obtained while processing Dimension
True or False:
a. Administrator can not continue to work on the Application Set when the Application set is in “Unavailable”
b. Users can continue to work on the Application Set when the Application set is in “Unavailable”
Which of the following tasks can be performed when the application set is in Offline
a. Executing Data Manager Package
b. Write back through input schedule
c. Executing Reports
Fill in the Blanks: _____________ will force an update of the template files to the clients , this can be changed in _______________, and ___________________
Which of the following objects we can transport?
a. Application Set
b. Dimension Data
c. Application Data
True or False:
a. Every AppSet has a 2 character AppSetPrefix stored in a table called UJA_APPSET_INFO
b. This prefix can be used in the technical name of
i.. InfoArea
ii. InfoObject
iii. InfoObject Catalog
iv. InfoCube
___________________ is new in BPC NW 7.0 , it logs all the .NET tier to the ABAP tier.
which of the following are new functions available only In SAP BPC NW 7.0 and this in available only in SAP BI Administrator workbench and __________TCODE used to execute this function
______________ Dimension does not have to be part of any application within the set , and it is needed validate ____________in the Entity dimension
_____________________, and ________________________ can be specified while creating Dimension
True or False
a. Dimension properties are SAP BI Attributes
b. Dimension names are not case sensitive
c. Dimension properties are not case sensitive
d. Dimension names are 20 character length
e. Dimension property names are not limited to any character length
f. For an existing dimension property , you can only increase the length up to 60 character , you can not reduce the length
g. To reduce the property storage length , we need to create a new dimension with the reduced length and then copy the data from the old dimension to the new one
h. Dimension properties properties which is more then 60 character stored in BW as a short text ,
______________,_______________, __________________ are 3 different type of properties , and _____________ property technical names won’t change
Choose the BEST - Dimension properties are used which of the following BPC Functions
a. Reporting
b. Data Manager Selection
c. Logic Formulas
d. Member Lookups
True or False
a. You can not delete an Application if it is already assigned to an Application
b. Member sheet is a temporary storage
c. Member sheet each time rebuild from the SAP BW Database when we open it
d. After deleting a member from an dimension requires “re-processing” both dimension and application
Under what circumstance you create same dimension with different name , Example : ACCOUNT, ACCOUNT_L , DATASRC , DATASRC_L , etc
a. When same dimension needed for different application with different set of Members
b. When same dimension needed for different application with same set of Members
c. When same dimension needed for different application with different set of properties
d. When same dimension needed for different application with same set of properties
True or False
a. Hierarchy properties does not appear in the property list in “Maintain Dimension Property”
b. PARENT“N” property can be directly added as a column in the Dimension member sheet via “Maintain Dimension Member”
c. You can not have PARENT1, PARENT3 and skip PARENT2 , this will fail in the validation
d. You can have PARENT1, PARENT3 , PARENT2 , this will not fail order does not matter
e. We can have PARENT”N” column for each different hierarchy rollup with in the dimension
f. A parent will have the same children if it is used across multiple hierarchies
How many level we have in “CONUS” and “CONSMALL” hierarchy ?
Which of the following functions performed when we process the Dimension?
a. Validate Hierarchy
b. Validate Dimension Member Formula
c. Update Member Data in BI
d. BI attribute Change run in BI
e. Invalidate Server cache for Dimension member by updating version
Which of the following Dimension definition can not be changed through SAP BW Admin workbench
a. Base unit of Measure
b. Currency Attribute
c. Auth relevant
d. Unit of Measure for Char
True Or False
a. In a Dimension , All user defined properties are defined as a Navigational attributes
b. In a Dimension , All user Reserved properties are defined as a Display attributes
c. In SAP BW workbench, we have change the Attribute TAB only through the BPC Admin if there is any change, not through the BW workbench
Choose the “BEST Option” to load master data
a. Direct entry into the Member Sheet
b. Copy from an external Excel file into Member Sheet
c. BI File load process
d. BPC Data Manager Flat File Load
e. Use BI techniques to load into BI Data Target and then BPC
f. BI load process directly into BPC
Choose the Best Answers - If you use BI technique to load master data you will have to
a. You will need to run the hierarchy attribute change run in BI manually as well as make sure the caching mechanisms in SAP Business Planning and Consolidation were updated correctly.
b. You can call ABAP program UJA_REFRESH_DIM_CACHE using the process type “ABAP_PROGRAM” in a process chain to update the BPC dimension cache.
Which of the following tasks can be performed as a background job Via process chain?
a. Copy Application
b. Modify Application
c. Optimize Application
d. Copy AppSet.
True or False
a. If the Application Type is Financial or Consolidations, then Journals are also copied during Create.
b. One Rate application can not be referenced by multiple other applications
c. You can report on non-reporting application data, but you can assign work status codes to the data.
Netweaver restrictions for the InfoObjects in the BPC-Cube are the same as in “normal” BI cubes _____________ characteristics per BI-dimensions and ______ possible BI-dimensions
There ______________, ______________are 2 type of optimization techniques to optimize the application